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Gas and Boiler Leaks

If you are unaware of gas or water leakages in your premises, you are likely to be right in the middle of a health hazard. For instance, carbon monoxide is odourless but fatal. Water seems harmless, but it can seep into your basement and cause moulds and mildew. At Eco Efficient Reading, we have found that many of our clients don’t always realize that their gas or boiler system is leaking. If the problem persists, it could damage the structure of your premises. Gas leaks are worse; many explosions and fires in are as a result of gas and boiler leaks.

Before you call a Gas Safe registered engineer, you need to know some of the reasons why your system is leaking.

Here is a list of possible gas and boiler system leaks.

  • Faulty boiler faulty expansion tank
  • Defective boiler safety valve
  • Incorrect pressure relief valve
  • Corroded water and gas system pipes
  • Substandard system installation

At Eco Efficient Reading, we know the dangers posed by gas and water leaks. We don’t waste a moment when you call for help. You only need to brief us about your problem and our mobile service unit will be on the way. When we arrive, our Gas Safe-vetted technicians with their state of the art leak detection equipment and years of expertise will get down to work immediately. Our priority is to identify the source and the cause of the leaks. From here, we will work fast and with precision to ensure your premise is safe. Call us anytime you suspect your gas or boiler is leaking and we will provide lasting solutions.
Enjoy Peace of Mind

At Eco Efficient, we want you to have peace of mind. That's why we only engage highly trained Gas Safe experts on a continuing basis such that they are familiar with the changes and trends in gas and boiler leak technologies. We can troubleshoot and diagnose leaks in different types of boilers irrespective of the brand. Our engineers can quickly tell whether you need to replace your pipes, pressure valves or the entire expansion tank. When the leaks are plugged, we will conduct safety and integrity tests and hand over a secure system and the best-value quote.

Honesty, Fairness and Professional Services

At Eco Efficient Reading, we value customer service and satisfaction. We take time to explain our service quotes. In fact, we do it upfront. We don’t want to waste time discussing rates when you have a dangerous gas leak in your premises. Our customer care team will brief you over the phone such that you know what to expect. We won’t ask you to pay for extras and our callout, even in emergency situations, is always free. Other dishonest service providers will try and take advantage of the situation, but we are guided by honesty, fairness and professional ethics.

Call us as soon as you suspect your gas or boiler system is leaking; we will provide practical solutions.

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