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Boiler Repair Henley on Thames

For you to enjoy energy efficiency and warmth, you need a boiler service company that knows the ideal boiler size, make or brand that fits your needs. You want a company that easily differentiates combi boilers from their cast iron counterparts. At Eco Efficient Henley on Thames, we know the process involved when you want to install or repair your faulty boiler or central heating system.

We rely on the expertise, experience, and the friendly attitude of our Gas Safe-accredited engineers. Any time you need us, we dispatch our mobile service unit to your premises in the shortest time possible. We strive to provide A-rated boiler services for clients who want to change from an old and energy-sapping model to a new boiler system. We are always ready to solve your heating problems.

Boiler Servicing

At Eco Efficient Henley on Thames, our team of Gas Safe-accredited experts is always ready to offer timely servicing for your boiler. We want you to reap the benefits of a boiler that operates without system hitches. We can service your appliance annually and customize our services according to your needs. We check boiler parts to ensure every component, internal or external, doesn’t trigger inefficiency or full-scale boiler outage.

Boiler Repairs

With us, you can forget the inconvenience and disorder brought about by faulty boilers. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will deliver repairs of the highest possible standard. We don’t take days to repair a faulty thermostat or corroded pipes; we will be with you within an hour after you call us. If we don’t have ready parts, we undertake the procurement fast. When the job is done, we test the whole system and show you how to avoid such problems in the future.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

Over the years, we have faced and fixed every gas and water-leak related issue. We understand the risk of gas leaking into your living space or water seeping without your knowledge. If you smell egg-like odors or your floors have wet patches, call us fast. We are well-equipped with leak detection apparatus and our skilled engineers know how to deal with such a menace.

Central Heating Installation

If you are looking for A-rated central heating systems, we are the service company to engage. For years, we have been on the forefront helping customers choose adequate systems for their premises. We are ready to assist when you want to install central heating systems backed by renewable energy. Our heating systems come with manufacturer warranties and our labour too is under warranty.

Central Heating Repairs

If your central heating system fails, call Eco Efficient Henley on Thames, and we will help you restore the system to normal function. We have been fixing heating systems for 15 years, and nothing is impossible for our Gas Safe verified experts. We repair your appliance using original manufacturer parts and our warranties speak for our high-quality service delivery.

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